China:Visiting & Trading

Our long experience in the Chinese Market has given us the ability to advise clients on important tips related to their trading in China. We will list here a few ideas we find essential for a prosperous journey.

 1.    China is the world’s most populated country. Therefore, all dimensions are huge. Do not panic when faced with such strange proportions. Enjoy the people and focus on the goal of your trip: Trading.

2.     Keep your passport in your possession at all times since routine checks can be performed at any time adding that you might need it to access some facilities.

3.     In case you stay during your visit at a residence other than hotels, you are required to register at the nearest police/immigration station. A form will be issued to you stating your residency location. Keep this form with you at all times with your travel documents. (Hotels perform this procedure for their guests and no forms are needed to be kept with hotels’ guests)

4.       Be very patient since most Chinese do not speak English; Moreover, account for the fact that most of them understand less than what you think they do. Chinese will say ‘YES’ to all of your questions with a smile and a nod which has to do with saving face rather than getting your meaning. Talk in short sentences and listen more than you speak. Pause between sentences. Say the same thing in different ways to ease it up for understanding. Avoid slang and heavy vocabulary. Be precise and concise. We strongly advise you never to argue or raise your voice since it is seen as rude and arrogant and can create unwanted problems. Having a translator during your trip is essential!

5.     Most hotels in China require a deposit and payment on advance for your stay (A minimum of one night paid in advance) 

6.     When finalizing a deal, we strongly advise you to contact your agent to ensure the liability of the supplier and his legal status. The agent also transfers the deposit amount required for a better follow-up during production. For ready-stocks, we advise you not to pay more than 5% as deposit because you could find better products that match your requirements during your buying walk around the shops in a particular market.


For more tips and hints, do not hesitate to contact Fast China Road!

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